The Book

The Foreigner's Guide to Living in Slovakia


The Book


A guide to understanding life and culture  in Slovakia

 Slovakia is an increasingly important destination for the traveler interested in experiencing what “New Europe” has to offer. Whether you see yourself staying in Slovakia for a few weeks or for a few years, this companion guide provides practical information on a range of subjects to assist you in understanding life in Slovakia, smooth your transition into Slovak culture, and help you discover Slovakia’s unique qualities.

This guide explains:

  • The Slovak people: How history and geography have shaped them.
  • How important is it to learn the language.
  • Survival basics: How to find accommodation and get settled in.
  • How to get around on public transportation. What the food is like.
  • Legal matters: How to apply for a visa or for an extended-stay permit. What you need to drive in Slovakia.
  • Folk traditions and culture: The kinds of holidays Slovaks celebrate and the cultural elements that are uniquely Slovak.
  • Social and business customs: Some basic greetings in social or business settings, and what you can expect when being invited to someone’s home for dinner.
  • Leisure time: The kinds of different recreational activities. How Slovaks spend their free time through different seasons of the year.

Includes hundreds of addresses and web links.